Monday, July 7, 2014

My sister's wedding macaron tower!

Ah yes, for my sister's wedding, there was a macaron tower too!

I tease my little sis about being a bridezilla, she's not at all, but she sounded like one for a moment when I got a picture text of a 10-tier tower one day last year, and the message "oh, you do these macaron things don't you, how easy would this be?" Heh.

Tower stand sourced, we then practiced the carrying of unfilled shells in tupperware in hand luggage at Christmas. No problem! Well, no problem apart from the fact that 10-tiers is about 240 macarons, which is 480 halves.. or quite a lot of tupperware in hand luggage. :)

Just some of the many macarons for the hand luggage

Half of the shells were filled with a rich, dark chocolate ganache flavoured with my Nana's favourite, Cointreau, and the others are filled with white chocolate ganache with vanilla beans and spiked with my Mum's current favourite tipple, Amaretto.

Being bridesmaid to a busy bride who was already a little late for the ceremony meant that helping her into the dress and making sure the borrowed, blue, old and new items were all present and correct took priority over arranging the sweets display, and so my partner was left with the task of assembling and filling the tower.

The tower was to be part of the welcome drinks table, to greet guests after the ceremony along with the mimosas and as a snack for people in the long gap between breakfast and the "wedding breakfast" dinner which was to follow later in the day.

They were a big hit! We had filled the shells the day before so they would be perfectly 'slightly chewy' for the event. My Nana had about five of them and the photographers stashed a few away to take home. Excellent!

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