Friday, March 7, 2014

Checking the hazard level of your Tokyo location

Just a quickie post today. I found out about this a little while ago and have been meaning to get around to posting about, as other people might find it useful too.

Hazard maps, as modelled by Melvyn

Minato-ku ward office (and presumably other ward offices too) have released various hazard maps, to help prepare for the occasion of a large earthquake hitting central Tokyo. If you're in the middle of looking to sign up for a shop space, or moving house, it's worth a look to see if there are areas you might want to consider over others.

You can get big paper copies of these maps from the ward office directly, here is what they are called:
  • 津波ハザードマップ / tsunami hazado mappu / tsunami hazard map
  • 液状化マップ / ekijyouka mappu / liquefaction risk map
  • 揺れやすさマップ / yureyasusa mappu / map showing how shakeable areas are likely to be
  • 浸水ハザードマップ / shinsui hazado mappu / flood hazard map
You can also look online at pdfs of these documents (links to the English versions above), and they are available in English as well as Japanese. 

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