Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Might your ward office help you set up your small business in Tokyo?

Just a short and sweet post today, to get the word out in English that many ward offices in Tokyo have various support services for small and medium-sized businesses that are based in their jurisdiction. Even the helpful chaps at Tokyo Business Entry Point neglected to mention that such services are available and so I thought people might like to know.

In the case of Minato-ku small business support services include free ‘business advisor’ consultation to do things such as go over your business plan, low interest loans for new businesses, rent subsidies, incentive grants to companies to encourage the use of parental leave, subsidies towards setting up or improving your website etc. (All above links in Japanese.)

It’s certainly worth having a look for information on services offered by your own ward office, as each area offers varying support each with their own deadlines for application.

You’ll probably need to look in Japanese, and could start with Googling the name of your ward (Minato ku, Setagaya ku) + 中小企業 支援 / chuushokigyou shien / small medium business support, or the name of your ward + 融資あっせん制度 / yuushi assen seido / financial assistance system. Note that the ward office in question will need to be that of your business address and not your home address, if the two are different.

Good luck, and I hope this information helps someone realise their plans!

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